Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - Master Stance
Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail Ascends New Levels of Opulence
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Rolls-Royce has unveiled its latest creation: a bespoke commission, coachbuilt masterpiece. Contrary to the whimsical name “Rolls-Royce Heaven” we’ve playfully coined due to its celestial beauty, it is officially dubbed the Rolls-Royce Arcadia. Arcadia, a place depicted in Ancient Greek mythology as ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Rolls-Royce Coachbuild caters to the demands of clients who want a one-off special reflecting their personal preferences regarding style and finish. The Interior features the most complex clock face in Rolls-Royce history. Assembly alone took five months. The wood sections took 8,000 hours to create.

The main body colour is a solid white infused with aluminium and glass particles to create a shimmering effect when the light strikes the coachwork.

Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - In Da Hood

The carbon fibre used to construct the lower sections is painted in a solid bespoke silver colour rather than left fully or partially exposed.

Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - Opulent Stance

In tribute to the brilliant mirror finish of brightwork on historical Rolls-Royces, the exterior grille surround, ‘kinked’ vane pieces and 22-inch alloy wheels have been fully mirror-polished.

Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - Rear Stance

Wood development was central to Arcadia Droptail’s interior and the client’s focus, whose very specific expectations concentrated on the texture, grain, colour and richness of the material itself.

Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - Interior

The client shared many examples of preferences and inspiration from architecture, residences and classic cars, to guide Rolls-Royce Coachbuild designers and material specialists.

The essence of the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail transcends the sheer power of its V12 engine, as well as the impeccable ride and handling it offers. Instead, it epitomizes the art of bringing to life the unique vision of its client—a bespoke masterpiece crafted to fulfil the client’s individual desires and aspirations.

Rolls-Royce has opted not to disclose the price. However, such exclusive commissions of this calibre typically exceed $10 million. The unveiling of the Arcadia Droptail will take place during a private ceremony in Singapore, where Rolls-Royce will present this bespoke creation to its client.

Rolls Royce Heaven Droptail - Master Stance
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