Sora Open AI - Video Generated Artificial Intelligence
Video Generated AI Has Just Taken A Quantum Leap In Less Than One Year

We’ve diligently tracked the evolution of AI for a few years. Although Artificial Intelligence isn’t a novel concept, its roots trace back to the early days of computer science, with AI emerging as an academic field as far back as 1956. Historically, implementing effective AI posed significant challenges due to the limitations of computer technology. In the realm of computer video games, software-based AI has been a staple for decades.

However, these early iterations often fell short of true real-world intelligence due to technological constraints. Today, with advancements in computing technology, AI has transcended its previous limitations, showcasing capabilities that were once deemed unattainable.

With the exponential growth in computational power, coupled with the vast connectivity of the internet, AI has rapidly emerged as the harbinger of the next industrial revolution. However, this swift ascent raises concerns about its potential societal impact. The prospect of AI replacing jobs looms large, potentially leading to significant disruptions and societal upheaval.

We are witnessing the unfolding of this revolution firsthand. Sora, the latest AI platform from OpenAI, epitomizes this progress by seamlessly generating photorealistic videos from textual input. MKBHD discusses the significance of Sora AI and the remarkable leap AI-generated video has taken in just a single year.

Sora Open AI - Video Generated Artificial Intelligence
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