The Neue Klasse BMW X3, What about It?

Now, we have seen a lot of fuss about this Neue Klasse BMW X3, a preview of the next generation pure electric BMW X3 due to arrive in 2025. Preview? they mean concept. As the old saying goes a concept will always remain a concept which means it will never be realised in final production form. So it should be called the fantasy Neue Klasse BMW X3 because a fantasy never comes true.

As usual, the established media, a term coined by our friend Martin, have been out in force, marching, goosestepping in sync with BMW’s press department. What you hear is mostly regurgitated propaganda seeping from the stinging tentacles of BMW’s heavily fortified and carefully controlled communications bunker.

And of course, motoring journalists and YouTube reviewers want to ride that BMW gravy train for all it is worth. After all, if you receive an invitation to fly over to Germany on a private chartered jet, with an all-expenses paid stay at a fancy hotel to do a few minutes of reviewing, you’ll be goosestepping with all the motivation and precision you can muster.

When BMW says it is lowering CO2 emissions just remember their steadfast involvement in Dieselgate… they’ve been greenwashing their image ever since. So anyway, Autogefuhl, in full HD, 4K and fullscreen, reviews the fantasy Neue Klasse BMW X3.

That being said, the Neue Klass concept is undeniably striking and elegant, something I haven’t found myself saying about a BMW in quite some time.

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