Making Safe Decisions: Tips for Drink Driving Calculator Use

Drink driving doesn’t just cause a few bumps and scrapes on cars. It can cause serious harm to you, passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians. But how can you calculate how safe it is to drink?

Drink driving calculators are the perfect way to make the decision. 

Understanding blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

BAC stands for blood alcohol concentration and shows the amount of alcohol in your blood after a blood test. 

BAC levels are heavily dependent on factors such as age, weight and metabolism, meaning you could have a different result from someone who has drank the same amount as you. 

How alcohol can affect driving ability

Alcohol can affect concentration, alertness and decision-making, making driving much more dangerous. 

Drink Driver

It also reduces self-control, meaning you’re more likely to make impulsive and risky decisions when drink driving. 

How drink driving calculators work

Drink driving calculators are quick and useful tools that tell you how long you should stay off the road after consuming alcohol. 

Depending on which one you use, you could also be asked to input how much you weigh and how long it took you to drink that amount, to calculate precisely how long you should not drive for. 

Factors affecting BAC estimation

BAC is unique to the individual and is greatly influenced by the following factors: 


You may hear older people talking about how their alcohol tolerance has lowered from when they were younger. 

Young Driver - Age related drink driving

The older you get, the slower your body can eliminate alcohol from your body. 


The more a person weighs, the longer it takes for alcohol to travel around the body, meaning it takes them longer to exceed recommended BAC levels. 

Testosterone and oestrogen levels

Those with higher testosterone levels have a higher water percentage in the body, meaning they can effectively break down alcohol quicker than those with predominantly oestrogen hormones.

Speed in which alcohol was consumed 

If a large volume of alcohol is consumed over a short period, BAC levels will rise quicker than sipping a drink over a long period of time. 

Fat and muscle content 

Individuals with higher muscle content can more effectively eliminate alcohol from the body due to the higher water levels compared to those with a higher fat percentage. 

Alcohol And Muscle Mass

Amount of alcohol consumed 

Last but not least…how much alcohol has been consumed?

The more you drink, the higher your BAC levels, and the longer you have to wait before driving again. 

Legal implications of drink driving

If you’re found guilty of having over 80mg in 100ml of blood, you could be faced with one of the following: 

1. A fine of up to £5000

2. A prison sentence of up to 6 months  

3. A mandatory driving disqualification

You could also be considered a high-risk offender if your results come back with 200mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, if you fail to provide a specimen, if you have had a previous disqualification in the last 10 years or if you refuse to allow an analysis of your blood to be taken due to incapacity.

So, don’t take any chances. Use a drink driving calculator

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