The Luxury Home Show - Brookhaven House, Cheshire
Car Style: Touring A Cheshire Home In A Fleet of Supercars

If you’re unfamiliar with Cheshire, it is a picturesque region in the North West of England, reminiscent of an era long past with its verdant and lush landscapes that evoke images of England circa the 1800s. Yet, this is England in 2024—a place that reveres its history while cautiously embracing the future. This delicate balance between past and future is exemplified by the Edwardian-inspired new build, Brookehaven House.

Priced at £1,750,000 Brookhaven House offers over 4,500 sq ft of luxurious living space spread across three floors. For such an expansive property, this price is very good value. However, no new build luxury home is complete without a fleet of luxury cars, and fittingly, Brookhaven House comes with a Ferrari F8 Tributo and a Bentley Continental GT.

These cars, with a combined value nearing £400,000, are a fitting addition to the opulence of Brookehaven House, underscoring its blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

The Luxury Home Show - Brookhaven House, Cheshire
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