AntKahn, Britain’s Newset Plucky Little Car Maker
The British car industry is, lets be honest, like a neo-colonial throw back to 1789. Its British damn you but not British owned, Land Rover, Jaguar, Vauxhall, Aston Martin, MG. All in the clutches of jolly-foreigners. But that British self owned automotive spirit is still alive and well with Britain’s newest car company, the embryonic Antkahn Motors. Its a collaboration between bespoke aftermarket master, Afzal Kahn, and Ant Anstead. Kahn is the brains behind Kahn Design and Ant Anstead is the muscles fronting Evanta Motor Co. a specialist and renowned coach builder, restorer, designer in all things automotive. The two have joined forces to build luxury, state of the art hand built cars using the latest in design and build technologies. Antkahn is a rather unusual sounding brand name but if the Jaguar E-Type Speedster inspired concept shots are anything to go by then AntKahn could end up being more than just another plucky little car maker in an ocean of sharks. Or it could be just another plucky car maker. “We are already working on exciting future plans that extend from coach-built special editions to series manufacture of motor vehicles, and you will see a number of models come to fruition in the coming weeks and months” explained Afzal Kahn. Ant Anstead comments “Together, we are dedicated to continuing and building upon the historical excellence of British vehicle manufacture and the traditions of hand finished coach building are at the heart of the company’s ethos.” Ant-Khan-B In the coming months, Ant-Kahn intends to release the ‘Flying Huntsman’, a new take on the classic Land Rover Defender.  
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