Ferrari Evoluzione FXX Looking For New Owner
Looking for a new car? Want a weekend racer? Got a spare circa £250,000 pounds of cash? Then why not buy this rare 2006 Ferrari Enzo Evoluzione FXX, its a factory pimped racer bred with technology derived from Ferrari’s F1 know how. Production began in 2005 and ended in 2009, only 30 were ever produced, the rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive Ferrari the  Enzo’s  V12’s displacement was increased to 6.3 L  from 6.0 L thereby boosting output  from 660.8 bhp to a mind bending 809 bhp at 8,500 rpm. Ferrari-Enzo-FXX-B This particular example is being sold by Miller Motorcars of Greenwich, Connecticut  in the good ol’ US of A and is described to be in mint condition. Perhaps the mint condition is down to the fact that originally customers of the Evoluzione FXX were only allowed to drive the car on special track days approved by Ferrari. Ferrari-Enzo-FXX-C Millers go on to say that the owner has apparently never raced the supercar exotica except for a demonstration lap, other than that its been housed in a private collection possibly seen by its owner as an investment rather something to beat around the track. Oh how the other half, 1 percent actually, live.
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