New Volvo XC90 To Be Safest car Ever Built, Says Volvo
Volvo’s all new XC90, which will officially launch in August, will be the safest car ever built according to Volvo. Is that true or is it classic self promotion that might, one day, come back to bite the Swedish firm. The new XC90 will be manufactured from Ultra High Strength Steel which is five times stronger than the steel used in the first generation XC90. So already you can bet its going to be safer. There will also be a number of first’s, Run-off road protection tightens the seat belts if the driver has veered off road due to fatigue or poor weather which according to Volvo are common causes of accidents in North America. Volvo-XC90-Saftey-B Auto brake at intersections is applied if the driver turns in front of an oncoming car, a typical scenario usually occurs as drivers are turning into junctions in slow moving traffic. Pre-crash protection in rear impacts features a rear mounted radar which can detect if an impact is imminent the onboard computers tighten the rear passenger safety belts to minimise lateral impact forces. Lights also flash to warn the driver behind and the brakes are automatically applied. City Safety auto braking function is a collision avoidance system and is fitted as standard and assists the driver if there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or another on-coming vehicle within a city/urban environment.


Queue Assist enables safe and comfortable driving by following the vehicle in front in slow-moving queues. Acceleration, braking and steering are controlled automatically. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that some 1.2 million people are killed and more than 50 million wounded in traffic accidents every year. These figures are expected to increase rapidly if no action is taken. Volvo is determined to take the lead by using its vision of a collision-free future as a guiding principle.    
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