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8 Holiday Destinations Perfect For A Post-Lockdown Escape

Are you stuck at home during the lockdown? Do you also spend your days planning your holiday after the lockdown ends? If yes, then you are not alone. There are plenty of travel enthusiasts like you who are stuck in homes to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. While you might be practicing social distancing, you can still plan your perfect getaway for the post-lockdown time.

Read on to find out the best holiday destinations for you once the pandemic is over.

Perfect destinations for your holiday after lockdown:

After being cooped up at your home for months, you surely deserve a vacation. And why not treat yourself by flying to your desired destination on a private jet? Jettly is the Expedia for private jets and makes the burdensome task of trip planning easy thereby saving you time to enjoy that well-earned break. Planning your private flight through Jettly has never been easier and it is surprisingly affordable. For the ones looking for some inspiration for an escape, here are some ideas for you:

1.       Cape Town, Africa:

Cape Town, nestled in South Africa, is a seamless blend of different cultures, traditions, and landscapes. The many facades of the city have been bringing in tourists from all parts of the world, and it will continue to be a top spot in the post-lockdown era.

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The epicenter of the city is the Table Mountain National park. You can enjoy the glorious views of the natural landscape and soak in the pristine beauty. There are plenty of activities for those seeking adventures, like surfing, hiking, tandem-paraglide, and even mountain biking. You can also head to the Bontebok National Park, where you can camp and indulge in other activities. Carry a roof rack tent for an incredible camping experience. Cape Town is an eclectic city, brimming with cafes, festivals, and street food joints that you can relish. 

2.       Bordeaux, France:

While other popular cities of France have been reigning the list of top tourist spots, Bordeaux can be an ideal off-beat destination. Bordeaux is a port city in the Gironde department of France. Known as the ‘wine capital,’ the city has an ancient history and tradition of producing the finest Bordeaux wines. You can experiment with wines along with the vibrant dining culture, and have an enthralling gastronomical experience.

The River Garonne can be the ideal place to unwind away from the hustle of the city. Art lovers can find themselves right at home in Bordeaux. From contemporary art exhibited in the CAPC Museum to the magnificent architectural heritage, you have a lot to experience. 

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3.       Seychelles:

Lying in the Indian Ocean, close to East Africa, Seychelles is an extraordinary archipelago consisting of 115 islands. Popular majorly among young couples, heading for a getaway, it is also becoming a major attraction for nature lovers. Pristine turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, tall palm trees, and lush hills form Seychelles’ backdrop.

Besides natural beauty, the place has a lot to offer. The capital city of Victoria is an embodiment of colonial architecture, exotic marine life, and delicious seafood. Seychelles is one of the places that went almost unaffected by the pandemic and can be the perfect destination for your escape after lockdown ends. 

4.       Greek Islands:

Greece consists of 6,000 different islands scattered, also known as the Greek Islands. They span through the Aegean and Ionian, making Greece an ideal spot for beach lovers. While you can head to Santorini for the surreal picturesque views, wine, and boat tours, Mykonos is famous for a happening nightlife. Crete is the largest island, and home to many historical sights and hiking trails. Naxos and Paros are some of the islands that offer delicious Greek food.

5.       Iceland:

After having tamed the threat of Covid-19, Iceland is surely becoming a top tourist spot. Known aptly as the ‘land of fire and ice,’ the Nordic island nation brings an effortless fusion of old and new. It is a volcanic laboratory, with geysers, mud pots, volcanoes, and glaciers still forming a large part of the country.

Besides boasting of mesmerizing views of the landscape, Iceland is home to a rich heritage and culture. You can enjoy the literary legacy of Nobel Prize winners, visual art, and even handicrafts. If you get lucky, you can even get to experience the surreal Northern Lights from Iceland.

6.       Switzerland:

The backdrop of numerous lakes, quaint villages, and high peaks of the Alps, make Switzerland a scene from a fairytale that has come true.  The ravishing landscape can help you recover from the time spent practicing social distancing. While you can follow the hiking trails in lush green mountains, the snow-clad peaks of winter can be ideal for snowboarding and skiing. You can revel in picturesque panoramic views of the valleys and vineyards from hot air balloons and even parachutes.

After enjoying the rural beauty, you can head to the towns to enjoy restaurants located on the riverside, serving craft beer and swiss food. Rich culture, chocolates, and wines can make up for a wholesome vacation in Switzerland.

7.       Portugal:

Portugal is a European country that has managed to fight back the pandemic and become safe for tourists to visit again. You can find hints of different cultures in Portugal, like Christians, Romas, Celts, Moors, and even Visigoths. While exploring Portugal, you can witness the rise and fall of many civilizations in the mighty castles and town centers.

A drive to Douro Valley can be an ideal escape for wine enthusiasts, whereas the southern part is home to untouched beaches dripping in natural beauty. Portuguese cuisine is as vibrant as the scenery. You can try exotic seafood, smoked meats, and custard tarts on surreal spots along the valley and beaches.  

8.       Croatia:

Croatia is a top destination for a quick summer getaway. Croatia contains 1246 islands, isles, and inlets that you can explore. While some people fall in love with the country due to its serene and explored sea or coastlines, others enjoy the heritage and culture.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of sports you can try – diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing. The locals here are passionate about their food and wine, and you can also enjoy the authentic taste of it from family-run taverns. If you are a fan of the infamous TV show Game of Thrones, you might be delighted to find that your favorite King’s landing is Dubrovnik’s city.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you might be feeling low about not being able to travel to your next holiday. But hopefully, the pandemic will end soon, and it will be safe again for you to cruise around new, exotic places. You can put on your thinking caps and begin planning your escape when the lockdown ends. Make sure you take all precautions and travel safely.

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