Owning And Seeing A Ferrari To Become Rare Event
Industry News
If seeing a Ferrari on the road wasn’t already a rare spectacle, then seeing one at all will become rarer still after the firm revealed it planned to limit global sales to 7,000 units annually and focus on four core models by concentrating on yearly updates, one car per year. The 458, California V8 and V12 models will continue through 2018, the La-Ferrari, Ferrari’s new flagship supercar, is already is sold out. Ferrari is the jewel in Fiats rather rusty looking crown, industry experts believe the Modena based company is worth double its true market value. Current Fiat boss, Sergio Marchionne, has no plans to sell Ferrari any time soon. Ferrari is currently valued at nearly 4.3 billion euros, or about $6 billion, the sales cap imposed upon it by Marchionne is to retain exclusivity of the brand. The Fiat boss claims Ferrari could as sell much as 50 percent more if it wanted to. If that were the case then Ferrari could be valued at nearer $15 billion, not bad for a niche market player.
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