Porsche Panamera Gets Bespoke Make Over by Kahn Design
The Porsche Panamera’s styling has been controversial since day one, many observed it to be bland and boring. Here at dailycarblog.com we love the Porsche Panamera we think its a real knock out ‘beaut’, hear that Nick Perry of Porsche GB we like it. We like everything about Porsche indeed we are crying, not forcibly at gun point North Korean style, but our collective tears express our sincere gratitude of a styling masterpiece. But many people have not been so blinded by the Panamera’s apparently dull styling, which we like, and the folks at bespoke styling house, Kahn Design, have just launched an exterior and interior styling pack called the Super Sport Khan-Design-Porsche-Panamera-B As you can see the Kahn Design Super Sport has been injected with design growth hormones such as extended front and rear wheel arches, integrated vents and rear air dams all of which combine to widen the stance of the coupe. Kahn Design have also fitted a new sports suspension that lowers the ride height, no Kahn Design re-boot is complete without a set of custom designed alloy wheels, 22 incher’s in this case. You also get a rear spoiler, influenced by early 911 turbo models and an additional roof spoiler which might appear over dressed for some tastes. And of course no bespoke Kahn Design would be complete without the obligatory custom interior. Khan-Design-Porsche-Panamera-C This particular example will set you back £59,875.00.
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