Bonza Mk4 Golf GTi Mightly Modded
If you thought Australian’s drive nothing but “utes” and Holden’s then think again, mate. Even Australians drive European cars and the guys over at one of the many YouTube official channel partners, Mighty Car Mods, “avago” at modding a Mk4 VW Golf GTi. Being amateurs you might think these guys are “Kangaroo loose” just a bunch of  “deadhead” “buckleys” with more chance of  getting a “bludger” back into full time employment . Mate. But “fair dinkum” on the “mighty modders”, they seem to be “cashed up” and “dinky-di” to mod this Mk4 Golf GTi in the most “bonza” way possible. And remember GTi also spell’s “git”, which in UK slang is a childish person with no manners… Mate.  Mk4-Golf-Modded
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