Exclusive Interview With George Clooney
We want to recall an interview we were granted by Hollywood super-movie star, George Clooney, at last year’s 70th Venice Film Festival sponsored by Maserati. Maserati want you to know just how starry-eyed they can get as they played host to the 70th Venice International Film Festival and being the main sponsor they want you to know about it. A fleet of Quattroporte’s shuttled Hollywood superstars, and other lesser actors, too and from various locations in and around Venice including his supreme excellency, Hollywood golden child and part time Italian resident, George Clooney. Clooney was in attendance, along with his co-star Sandra Bullock, to promote his new space movie, which we have no interest in. We just like looking at famous people because they are famous. We joined this elite band of superstars at the Excelsior Hotel, and other actors whom we wouldn’t even spit on, where we mingled in the main sponsor area aptly named the Maserati Terrace and had a quick chat with George. DCB: ” So George….eerrrm, how’s Italy, do you like it here?” G.Clooney: ”Yeah, who are you?” DCB: ”Who am I? Errrm…I do like your new film, errmm that film what’s it called again and what do you think of the Maserati Quattroporte? G.Clooney ”You didn’t watch my new movie did you a”h”e”? And if you must know I prefer bikes” DCB: “Mountain Bikes or the Flying Pigeon?” G Clooney: “Are you even a journalist? No I didn’t think so. Security!” At this point we decided to leave, it may have looked like running to the uninformed and it may have looked as though we jumped the barriers and swam into the Mediterranean Sea to escape where a speedboat was awaiting to whisk us away. That speedboat may have looked like a rowing boat, with one broken paddle, but those who witnessed our escape, eer I mean exit, can corroborate the speedboat details. To those in the know it was a dignified exit to a ripple of applause from the good and the great and we were showered with praise.  It may have looked like we were being arrested…  Clooney-Venice
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