Land Rover Previews Discovery Sport Interior
The truth is sometimes the automotive news cycle can be carefully scripted, the script is mainly written by the car manufacture and then relayed to the news outlet who will most likely not want to upset the hand that feeds them with a steady supply of review cars. The job of a news outlet is to make that careful choreography look like news. Take the new Land Rover Discovery Sport (nee Freelander) it will be revealed in full on 3rd September but the B…..s at Land Rover have devoted just 51s of play time for the new video and its just of the interior. The Discovery Sport will have 5+2 seats, seven seats, we don’t care, the anticipation is killing us, we want to see what it looks like and who uses seven seats anyway, why don’t Land Rover owners just do an Indian and sit on top of the roof. There’s more room up there. It does look like a nice interior though. The launch of the Land Rover will see further details of a partnership with Virgin Galactic, which in all honesty is probably a supply deal. Lets wait and see. Honestly 51s of video, outrageous!      Land-rover-discovery-sport
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