Undiscovered Country, The Trollstigen Road, Norway
The UK has the A4086, a driving route in Wales that draws automotive journalists like fly’s to a horses ass. And its a great road but poorly named, A4086 is rather Orwelian, just another number. Maybe the UK should adopt Norway’s naming convention for its mountain pass road network, the Trollstigen Road, sounds much better than A4086. Trollstigen doesn’t just sound better it, from the video, it looks a whole lot spectacular. The Trollstigen Road is hewn out of the mountain side in Rauma Municipality, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway and runs like a river connecting the town of Åndalsnes in Rauma and the village of Valldal in Norddal Municipality. The road is noted for being narrow, with many sharp, hairpin bends. Vehicles over 12.4 meters long are excluded from driving on the route which is closed during late autumn and winter periods. The driving route has an elevation of 850 meters (2,790 ft). Trollstigen-Driving-Route-Norway-A Trollstigen was opened in 1936 and took eight years to complete, the name translates into English as “Trolls Path” and features several viewing platforms and was designated a national tourist route in 2012. Will there ever be viewing platforms on the M25 or will it forever be gridlocked.  Trollstigen-Driving-Route-Norway-B
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