Worlds Fastest Englishman Tests The Worlds Fastest Saloons

We don’t like the English going over to America and acting out all American, and we’re English, Limeys, Pommies. And what gets us most about the English in America is the way how they adopt the Trans-Atlantic accent.

If I lived and worked in Russia for 5 years I wouldn’t subconsciously develop a Russian twang to my accent so why do my English brothers and sisters develop the half hearted American twang.

Justin Bell has, or just a hint, the former 24 Hours of Le Mans winner now fronts a YouTube channel reviewing high performance cars from around the world in America.

Bell gets to try out the fastest Saloons, sorry ‘sedans’ money can buy. We would disregard the rest and head straight for the Aston Martin Rapide, game over job done.

Why do the British look and sound out of place in America, they need to be obese, driver around in Pick-Up trucks and hold up grocery stores.

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