BMW X7 review by Autogefuhl - Daily Car Blog
BMW Did This To The X7, Autogefuhl Investigates… In Full Screen And Full HD

You won’t see many BMW X7 SUVs on the road. BMW recorded 4,900 X7 sales in Europe for 2021. America provides a lifeline for the X7 with annual sales averaging 20K. China is BMWs biggest market outside of Europe, the company enjoys over 800k in annual sales. We don’t know how many X7s BMW sold in China, other than an official statement saying that the giant SUV enjoyed increased demand.

The latter means that the X7 probably enjoyed a minor percentage bump in sales for China. If BMW does not disclose the sales figure for a specific model then it means sales were disappointing. However, giant SUVs such as X7 tend to sell in small numbers anyway.

Additionally, the X7 doesn’t possess the status or pedigree of a Range Rover. Having said that, with the exception of Europe, the X7 does outsell the Range Rover in the USA and China.

Anyway, what has BMW done to the 2022 X7 facelift, Thomas of Autogefuhl investigates so we don’t have to.

BMW X7 review by Autogefuhl - Daily Car Blog
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