Scotty Kilmer’s Advice On Buying Your First Car Will Make You Have Nightmares
Buying a used car, or a new car is fraught with a lot of unseen dangers. For example, if you buy a used car you will often buy unseen in that the seller may not reveal the car’s full history until you drive away and discover the engine is leaking oil. Buying a new car is somewhat easier, but then you have to deal with a dealership and despite the friendly and approachable marketing, car dealerships see the human being as a walking ATM. But don’t let that put you off buying a car just beware of what you are getting into, most buys go without much trouble if at all. But Scotty Kilmer reckons there are way more pitfalls and you, as the car buyer, must have the same alertness as the animal-prey relationship.  Scotty-Kilmer-Buying-Your-First-Used-Car
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