Taverish buys a flood damaged McLaren P1
Tavarish Is Rebuilding A Flood Damaged McLaren P1

Automotive enthusiast Taverish is rebuilding a flood-damaged McLaren P1, unusually it wasn’t caused by driver error. The McLaren was written off after being caught unawares in a sudden storm. Undamaged, the McLaren P1 is worth $2,000,000. Taverish is one of these amateur YouTube mechanics who has made living off of the video uploading platform.

It’s paid off because he can afford to splash the cash on big-ticket purchases albeit flood-damaged hypercars. Taverish didn’t say how much he paid for the P1 other than revealing it cost a fraction of the price. A fraction of the price, in this case, could be $500,000K.

Taverish buys a flood damaged McLaren P1
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