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Mat Watson Auditions For The Role of Dr Zaius During Review of The Renault Zoe

It’s a long time since we featured a Renault and thank god we’re not reviewing the Renault Zoe. The Zoe is a zero-emissions supermini. If you are reading this from America, I can confirm the Renault Zoe is not a Marvel superhero movie franchise. The Zoe is how Europeans wanted to do electric cars before Elon Musk ripped up the rule book. Compared to a Tesla Model 3 the Zoe is an impediment. 

Nevertheless, someone has to review Renault’s and that honor falls to Mat Watson of Carwow fame. Someone has to do the donkey work and yet again Mat Watson carries this little donkey on his shoulders. The curious car reviewer wants to know if the Zoe is the best value electric car on the market right.

Legal disclaimer:

Mat Watson is not auditioning for the role of Dr Zaius nor is he involved in the production of any Planet of The Apes movies, past, present, or future.

Renault Zoe Review dailycarblog
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