Ford Mustang Drifted In The Name of Virtual Reality
Video OK so we don’t have an PlayStation 4 or to a much less and rather depressing extent, we don’t have an Xbox One either. Why? because we can easily become game addicts, either of theses consoles are like taking methadone to us.  And because we have shut our self’s off from the gaming world we didn’t even know what Oculus Rift was or is. Until today. Oculus Rift is a 3D gaming virtual reality headset, VR headsets have always come and gone since the dawn of home game consoles. Only the Oculus Rift is something far more advanced then we have ever seen before, in other words virtual reality is actually a reality for once instead of a stab in the virtual dark thanks in part to a new generation of more powerful processors. So, Castrol wanted to demonstrate just how good their engine oils are and decided its best to combine the Oculus Rift with a real 650bhp Ford Mustang driving on a disused airfield, turned track, and by creating a virtual lap that is driven from the perspective of the Oulus Rift. To say again, in a real Ford Mustang. The obligatory drifts are a must, all of this is done in the name of promoting engine oil, Castrol engine oil and damn its worked, I need Castrol engine oil. The video below shows how the virtual and real worlds were combined to create this reality mash-up.  Castrol-Oculus-Rift
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