Volvo Wows With All New XC90
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Volvo have revealed the all new XC90, the first car to be developed since the post Ford era and signals a new era under its Chinese owners, as such it no longer shares or uses any component parts from Ford. The XC90 has been developed to sit on a new scaleable platform that will underpin a whole new generation of future Volvo’s. Volvo-XC90-2014-B For now its a swanky new look for the XC90, gone are the box like proportions of old and in is a sleek, measured and assured look. Pricing for the UK market starts at £45,000 GBP although trim levels and grades have yet to be fully dispensed. UK order books will open in October with first deliveries expected in May 2015. The new XC90 will have a new range of 2-litre, 4-cylinder engines, one such engine will be Volvo’s “Twin Engine” which fuses a 2-litre 4-cylinder supercharged turbocharged petrol engine. This unit pumps out 400 bhp and has emissions of only 60 g/km. This engine will be utilised for the Plugin-in hybrid model, Volvo estimates an electric range of 25 miles. A 3-cylinder engine is said to be in the works. Volvo-XC90-2014-E Volvo are offering the first 1,927 production units online, called the First Edition, they will be available to order when Volvo’s online store opens on September 3rd, curiously no web link was given, unsurprisingly they didn’t forget to mention the price. £68,000. Volvo-XC90-2014-C The first edition will have bespoke signatures to distinguish it from run of the mill XC90’s and will be powered by the D5 twin-turbo, 4-cylinder diesel which will output 225bhp and 470NM of torque via an 8 speed auto, a dual-clutch and manual version will also be offered. The First Edition will also feature electronically controlled air suspension, a choice of 5 driving modes and special editions features like Onyx Black 21-inch alloys and a sonic boom sound system of up 1,400 watts courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins. Volvo-XC90-2014-F Volvo and safety go hand in hand so expect some world class trumpeting from your local dealership on that front. If Volvo’s old XC90 interior was long in the tooth the all new interior looks more like business class and should casue the Range Rover owners to wake up in a cold sweat. And of course the seven seat configuration is a bonus and more acomadating than the mere child seats of the past according to Volvo. Its more handcrafted inside too say Volvo, with details like diamond cut controls for the stop-start button and volume control. Volvo-XC90-2014-D The new XC90 also comes with two main exterior accessories, Urban Luxury which is basically a fancy star-spangled body kit riding on 21″ alloys or the Rugged Luxury kit, which is basically a thuggish off-road look complete with stainless steel skid plates and 22-inch alloys wheels. The new XC90 has been three years and $11billion dollars in the making, Volvo will release full model, trim and price grades soon, for now just look on and gawp.  Volvo-XC90-2014-A
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