Aston Martin Lagonda Spotted Leaving On Private Jet
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Car makers are so careful at hiding their latest development projects from prying eyes that they go to extraordinary levels to ensure those prying eyes are kept out of sight. Not Aston Martin, they do things differently, more in your face lets say. Here they are giving a kind of pre-publicity selfie of sorts before loading the new Lagonda completely undisguised on a flight bound to Oman for hot weather testing, courtesy of Oman airlines (who are covering the transportation costs). Aston-Martin-Lagonda-C That the Lagonda is being revived isn’t a secret, its been spotted around Gaydonfor a while now, (just off J12 on the M40, England) testing as the images below testify. If you don’t understand why its worth getting excited about the new Lagonda then you have to go back to the 1976 when the original model first went into limited series production. It was the wow! car of its age. Aston-Martin-Lagonda-D Only 647 Lagonda’s were made between the original 1976 and 1990 production run, the four door saloon was a front-engine rear wheel drive, 5.3-litre V8 gentleman’s gran tourer, its successor was effectively the Rapide. The new Lagonda will borrow the running gear from the Rapide, will launch sometime in 2015 and is expected to cost around £160,000. Check out a rather lovely CGi rendering of the Lagonda as envisioned by our pals over at Aston-Martin-Lagonda-B  Aston-Martin-Lagonda-A
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