BMW 2 Series Convertible Brings Order To Numbers
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The new BMW 2 Series convertible isn’t too much of a surprise it replaces the 1 series convertible when it goes on sale in the UK and Europe in February 2015. BMW-2Series-Convertible-B The 2 Series Convertible lines up alongside the 2 Series Coupe, the new convertible is 2.8 inches longer and 26mm wider than the model it replaces. Luggage space with the retractable roof up is 335-litres and when folded down in the the compartment holder this decreases to 280 litres. The range will include 4 engines with the 220i and 228i 4-cylinder petrol engine and the 22d 4cylinder diesel. The M235i performance 6-cylinder version will also be offered. BMW-2Series-Convertible-C The softtop can be opened or closed in 20s and at speeds of up to 30 mph. The starting price for the 2 Series convertible is a whopping £29k, but the asking price has never put off buyers for this car, 130,000 mugs worldwide have purchased the previous generation when it first went on sale in 2008. Check out the 2014 price list below.
Model Power hp Torque   Nm 0-62mph seconds Top Speed mph Combined mpg CO2 Emissions g/km Price
BMW 220i Sport Convertible 184 270 7.5 (7.6) 144 (140) 41.5 (44.1) 159 (149) £29,180
BMW 228i M Sport Convertible 245 350 6.1 (6.0) 155* (155*) 41.5 (42.8) 159 (154) £31,550
BMW M235i Convertible 326 450 5.2 (5.0) 155* (155*) 33.2 (35.8) 199 (184) £37,710
BMW 220d Sport Convertible
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