Mercedes AMG GT Revealed
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Mercedes take the wraps off the SLS AMG replacement and the new AMG GT doesn’t fail to stun. The AMG GT is the second in house sports car to be developed by Mercedes, resting on an aluminum construction the AMG GT is powered by a front mid-engine, 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo which produces 462 bhp and 600 Nm of torque. The GT S version produces a whopping 510 bhp and 650 Nm of torque which is like having your finger nails ripped off by the Saturn 5 space rocket at launch. Mercedes-AMG-GT-B No supercar is worth its weight in gold without a scorching 0-62 mph time, and its an impressive 3.8s for the AMG GT, top speed is 192mph. Despite the lightweight spaceframe architecture under pining the new AMG GT, it weighs a portly and rather unsporting 1,540kg. Mercedes-AMG-GT-C Mercedes have developed the V8 especially for the AMG GT, the twin-turbo setup is mounted not on the outside of the cylinder banks but actually inside the V configuration, engineers call it a ” hot inside V”. The advantage of this design is its compact nature and optimum response from the turbochargers.


The AMG GT will also come with a drive mode or “Dynamic Select” which is typical for most modern sports cars these days, this basically means some power, more power and in your face power. All this power will be navigated via a seven speed automatic transmission which has been optimised to take full advantage of the V8 twin turbo.

Mercedes-AMG-GT-EThe GT version comes as standard with a mechanical rear-axle locking differential which is rather like an analogue version of traction control. The GT S version will have an electronically controlled rear-axle locking differential which is even more sensitive and faster to react than the mechanical version say Mercedes.

Double wishbone suspension at the front and rear are a direct translation of motorsport technology for the road.  Electronically controlled damping comes as standard on the Mercedes-AMG GT S, or as an option for the GT.  Pricing and availability details to follow.Mercedes-AMG-GT
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