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Peugeot design and make some of the best concept cars out there, as demonstrated by the Quartz Concept crossover SUV. At 4.5 meter’s long the “athletic” looking Quartz Concept has classic concept genes, short overhangs. Car designers like short overhangs because they can follow this description with the word accentuate. Peugeot-Quartz-Conept-Rear-View Car designers like the word accentuate because its a good talking point in mercilessly and endless press meetings that inevitably follow the release of a new concept. Car designers secretly hate meeting the press because the automotive press can be aloof, self centered, strangely opinionated and well…just damn strange. Back to the matter of Peugeot’s Quartz Concept, its a dynamic looking beast but it will never be made into a production ready car and if it was the complex and angular body work would be expensive to tool and manufacture. And that’s a pity, expect to see a watered down version with elements of design details to feature in future Pug models. Peugeot-Quartz-Conept-Interior-View Only that might not be the case because the Quartz Concept is the first-ever vehicle to employ digitally woven textile, a new and innovative production method that can create large and complex components which can be used as soon as they come off the moulding machine. No cutting is required meaning reduced waste, time and labor. The textile is woven with polyester fibre from recycled plastic water bottles. If you want to see Peugeot’s latest concept just head on down to the company’s stand at the Paris Motorshow between 4th-19th October where it will be on display.  Peugeot-Quartz-Conept-Front-View
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