Renault Do Something Interesting With The Espace
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It is interesting for Renault, lets  face it they do like cutting the margins here and there from time to time and sometimes make cars that not even Ed China of Wheeler Dealer’s fame could turn around in half an hour. You see Renault have always had potential but quite often end up shooting themselves in the foot and I speak from experience. The Feugo, 25, 5 and Laguna. And through it all Renault have still found time to stand tall, the Clio Renaultsport, love it. Renault have realised that behind all that swagger and va,va bravado they can do great things if they wish to, they only lack the light to show them the way. For this reason above all, Renault’s capacity for good has been realised with the new 2014 Espace crossover. In the 30 years of Espace, the total accumulation of all knowledge has finally been unleashed in this very swanky looking 5th generation, it isn’t a concept, its for real. Renault will reveal the all new Espace, and more details about it, at 11,00am on Thursday, October 2nd, you just have to head over to Paris Motorshow first.  Renault-Espace-2014
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