Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 005
Next Generation Mercedes E Class To Feature Star Trek Superscreen
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Mercedes has revealed the interior of the next generation E Class in a blaze of publicity, which got us thinking is Mercedes trying to bury a bad news day? Nope, we checked various news sources and Mercedes is doing no wrong… for the time being. So the new E Class interior will feature the so-called “superscreen”, the Mercedes press release says it offers a “sporty” experience… please talk to the hand, not the face. Anyway, the “superscreen” or MBUX infotainment system originates from the firm’s EQ EV brand and now it finds a new home in the next generation E Class.

Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 001

The so-called superscreen is meant to give the experience of a single touchscreen interface. In reality, the MBUX infotainment system is made up of three separate screens incorporated under a single glass panel to give the illusion of a single flat screen. Interestingly, a single processor is responsible for running all three screens.

Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 003

The Entertainment package (MBUX Entertainment Plus) will be available for the new E-Class. It includes hardware, Mercedes me connect services and a data package from a third-party provider. Depending on the market, a communication module with 5G as the transmission technology is used. Good luck with getting a reliable 5G connection.

Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 002

The integration of the “superscreen” raises the next-generation E-Class tech fest to new levels of modernity and futurism. What I don’t get is why are there an array of physical buttons under the screen? The lack of physical buttons is a perpetual bugbear of motoring review journalists. If you have driven a Tesla you do not miss physical buttons in the slightest.

Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 004

The E-Class launch starts with the Saloon model. The first models of the W214 series will arrive at European dealerships in the summer of 2023. In the USA, the market launch will take place in autumn 2023.

Mercedes W214 MBUX Superscreen - 005
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