YangWang U7 Hyper Sedan
The BYD YangWang U7 Is Dreaming of Dominating Europe
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Firstly, YangWang is a luxury automotive brand from Chinese automotive giant BYD, comparable to Audi’s relationship with Volkswagen. The challenge lies in the fact that while “YangWang” may resonate positively with Chinese speakers, its literal meaning is “admire.” However, to English speakers, it might sound uncouth. This perception could be influenced by the Western belief ingrained in us that luxury brands are synonymous with well-established names like Chanel, Mercedes, Gucci, or Hugo Boss, which have been our standard references through the bombardment of media and marketing campaigns.

As China ascends as an economic powerhouse, a wave of Chinese brands and products is making its way into Western department stores. Consequently, the Western world must acclimatise to new lexicons, however peculiar they may sound at present.

In the future, unfamiliar and strange-sounding Chinese brands will likely become commonplace. For now, we can celebrate the amusingly unconventional names that characterize a new era of Chinese brands. However, China will likely have the last laugh.

YangWang U7 Hyper Sedan Stance

Anyway, the YangWang U7 is a luxurious all-electric sedan, resembling a stretched Audi A5 four-door—unsurprising when you discover it was designed by Wolfgang Egger, a former Audi designer. The YangWang U7 has a singular purpose: to stylishly compete with the Tesla Model S.

To achieve this, it is equipped with quad-electric motors, delivering all-wheel drive (AWD) and, more significantly, boasting 1,006bhp along with a comparable amount of torque.

Comprehensive details are somewhat elusive, but it is speculatively reported that the U7 is priced at around $140,000. The YangWang U7 is slated for sale exclusively in China.

YangWang U7 Hyper Sedan
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