Spectacular Gumball Fail As Showboater Crashes His C63 AMG
Ever wondered how Supercars get smashed up, watch these two videos to find out. The owner of the C63 AMG was attending a Sunday Gumball car meet in Manchester, United Kingdom which ain’t no Monaco I can tell you that. This Gumball meet may well be his last after displaying arrogant and mediocre driving skills. It’s certainly the last car meet the C63 will be attending. The C63 AMG driver was showboating to a gathered crowd and spun his rear wheels a little too much, thankfully this dreadful Chris Harris inspired driving style came to a sudden end when he crashed into a sign board. Luckily no bystander got caught up however the driver suffered a massive bruised ego, the car’s condition was sadly described as terminal.
Luckily the driver spun and crashed outside a nearby place of worship, we just hope he gets on his knees and begs god for better driving skills.  C-63-Amg-idiot
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