The Supercar’s of Chile
The sign of a healthy economy can be attributed to the number of supercar owners lording it up over the course of a year. Latin America has been, for some time, the least prosperous region of the America’s. Times are a changin’ particularly for Chile, one of the region’s most prosperous and stable nations, its ranked as number one for competitiveness, 30th in the world. Chile’s $335 billion annual GDP  has some way to go before it reaches the $2 trillion dollar plus economy of the UK or the $17 trillion dollar economy of the United States. But income inequality still exists, 2.7 percent of the 17 million population survives on less than $2 dollars a day. As usual the top 1 percent is represented, here at least, in supercar regality, where do they get the money from? Still mustn’t grumble.  Supercars-of-Chile-2014
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