Thats One Less Ferrari In The World
It only takes a few minutes of madness to go from hero to moron, for this Ferrari owner it only takes seconds, literally 30 seconds as he try’s, vaingloriously, to impress a few onlookers by wheel spinning his way out of a junction. Unfortunately for the row of cars lining up on the other side of the street it wasn’t such an lucky escape from “moron-ism” as this Ferrari 550 owner clearly had no idea just how unforgiving it can be in the wrong hands. Yep the inevitable, low speed, crash happens, fortunately the 550 Barchetta emerges relatively unscathed and fortunately it was a Ford ( I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE!). So no real harm done there then. But here’s a lesson to any one who wants to show off, just don’t do it in Ferrari especially one of only 448 550 Barchetta’s ever made.  Ferrari-550-Barchetta
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