What Cars Europeans Are Buying Right Now
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The first half of 2014 saw some interesting changes in consumer car buying habits across Europe. The Nissan Juke was replaced as Europe’s favorite small crossover SUV by the Renault Captur which sold 87,396 units, a four fold increase. European buying habits helped boost the sale of crossover and small SUV’s by 89 percent to 390,00 from the period January to June of this year. That’s a lot of metal and plastic. Of more interest and perhaps concern to motoring purists are the rise of electric car sales which surged by 91 percent 20 23,826 units with the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 leading the group. The Small mini van sector saw the Fiat 500L replace the Ford B-Max for totals sales completed so far this year, in the subcompact class the Ford Fiesta overtook the Renault Clio. The premium class saw the new BMW 4 Series leapfrog the Mercedes’ coupe and convertible range for units sold thus far. Overall 9 of the 24 auto segments saw rapid growth which translates into a combined 6 percent growth and accounts for a total sales volume of 6.82 million units. Car-Sales-Stats        VW-Wolfsburg
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