Adverts We Hate: Lewis Hamilton Tag Heuer Ad
http://youtu.be/YCZ9mJIO-K0 We understand the contractual demands of marketing deals, marketing department of superbrand pays superstar of the moment a lot of money to sell whatever it sells and hopefully the superstar endorsement will rub off on the superbrand thereby increasing sales. Its an age old marketing tactic that works well, so you team up a dead Hollywood icon, our old friend Steve McQueenand use digital wizardry to make it look like he is acting alongside the current superstar of the moment, formula one driver Lewis Hamilton. McQueen was a well known petrol head, he even made a 1971 petrol head movie, Le Mans, and this is the footage used to team up the pair for a Tag Heuer ad when Hamilton was driving for McLaren F1. The product both living and dead are promoting is the Tag Heuer Le Mans, a £6k Swiss Automatic watch of precision horological engineering, that’s another subject altogether. The reason why we hate this ad is because of Hamilton’s wooden acting, its so wooden it makes digital McQueen look like the living. And there is another issue, McQueen was about 5ft11″ tall, Hamilton is about the same height as a door stop.  Lewis-Hamilton-Tag-Heuer-Ad
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