Ford GT LM Looks And Sounds Awesome
We do give Ford a bit of a kicking from time to time. Well most of the time. Well all of the time. Why? Because they really do bug the hell out of us. But sometimes they do and can conjure up brilliance, as demonstrated with the Ford GT. Which was still rated with our infamous Worst Car of The Week title. But they, being Ford, still bug the hell out of our souls. Anyway Ford are marking their return to the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2016 with the Ford GTE/GTLM and were filmed testing at the Sebring International Raceway circuit, Florida. It doesn’t matter what the size of the engine is, or fast it accelerates from 0-62mph. Lets just say its going to be wildly fast. Faster than fast. But the sound it makes and the way how it looks is just awesome and you just know this is going to win the accolades and have motoring journalists fawning over Ford heaping forced and therefore fake praise to please this despotic company. There we go again, we the haters are just gonna hate.  Ford-GT-LM
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