Blendtec, Tom Dickson asks, will the Amazon Echo blend?
Tom Dickson Asks Will The Amazon Echo Blend?

We recently discovered Amazon are big fans of this godforsaken webshite. But not for the reason one would like to assume. Amazon now joins a growing list of readers, the resident dog, and next door neighbors cat.

So we decided to celebrate this new milestone by asking a random and totally unrelated question. Will it blend? Our curiosity was sparked by Tom Dickson of the popular YouTube channel, Will it blend?

Founder and CEO of Blendtec Inc, Tom Dickson, is known for using his Blendtec blenders for well… blending… anything.

This month he blends the Amazon Echo,

His aptly named and popular YouTube channels ask searching questions no other CEO would dare ask. Yep, will it blend?

So Tom Dickson takes an Amazon Echo device and uses the Blendtec to literally blend it… all of it. Every damn last bit of it.

It’s what he does. And nobody does it better.

In reality, the video is actually promoting the amazon echo. This is not destruction merely for fun… our lawyers have just interjected and told us to immediately cease furthering this post.

In other news, the United States government is seeking to destabilise Venezuela’s admittedly dictatorial democracy by using the cover of democracy as an excuse to invade the oil-rich country.

Venezuela has more natural oil reserves than Saudi Arabia…. the lawyer has just told us to focus on cars.

Blendtec, Tom Dickson asks, will the Amazon Echo blend?
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