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Driving A Supercar In Oslo, Norway In A Ferrari 488 GTB

Ahhh Norway, a country where about two-thirds of the land is mountainous. Norway, a country where most of its coastline was carved by deep glacial fjords. A country whose ancient Norse warrior inhabitants raided the British Isles more than a thousand years ago.

Norway, home to Edvard Grieg and Edvard ‘the scream’ Munch and the Northern lights. Noreg, Norge or “northern way” as the Anglo-Saxons named it. A country of epic beauty and now home to the latest inhabitants. YouTubers. It appears that driving a supercar in Oslo is almost exactly the same as anywhere else in the world. Which is having a lot of fun in a really expensive and really fast good looking car. Martin Solhaugen, a Norwegian YouTuber leaves it to his friend to do the supercar vlog… in a Ferrari 488 GTB.  Norway, Supercars,
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