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Does The World Need A 2600HP Dodge Viper? Hell Yeah!

The hell yeah 2600HP Dodge Viper will be short-lived because the age of the hyper-modified V10 will die out as electric cars and public shaming of gasoline car owners replaces the age of the internal combustion engine. In the same manner we view the steam engine train, the petrol-powered car will be looked upon by future generations as outdated. And when that bygone era happens the age of fossil-fueled cars will be romanticized by motoring journalists harking for a past that will never return.

But does the world really need a 2600HP Dodge Viper? why not. But having said that, can the V10 engine take the extra power? Calvo Motorsports increased the capacity to 9-litres, added twin 8685 turbos, a dry sump, a PPG sequential gearbox and a bunch of other tweaks to hit that 2600HP. And the rest is a 0-60mph blur.

Hyper Dodge Viper - dailycarblog
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