Epic Caravan Fail Ends In Hilarious Embarrasment
Forgive us for the grainy video which was recorded before the advent of the true HD era, but this video shows why you should never use small cars to tow caravan’s. We don’t know how these set of coincidences collided, I mean cyclist is being filmed pumping up his deflated tyre when upon a sudden a caravan comes into sight. WFT. As the owner of what appears to be a dilapidated Peugeot hatch struggles to tow his caravan up the slightest of inclines he goes out of camera shot. Only to come quickly back into view as the weight of the caravan begins to tow the Peugeot back down the incline. Science tells us this is a victory for the caravan and embarrassment for the owner. With Top Gear gone its up to us to inform you about the scourge of the caravan.  Peugeot-Hatch-vs-Caravan-Total-Fail
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