You Want Aerial Video Footage? Then Get A Drone
OK so you are probably a YouTuber who has got a car channel and it’s popular and you use an iPhone to film your car adventures and share it with the rest of the world. You have probably got a few hundred thousand YT subs maybe even 1m+, you also have YT channel partner status and you just know how to the same old same old differently and better. But how do you go to the next level, just how do you upgrade form your humble $600 iPhone to offering better quality videos. By using a drone that’s how. But your’e not going to get just an ordinary drone from Tesco, Wallmarts, Edeka, Coles Central or over the table at your local pub. OK so this video is a barefaced promo for the DJI M600, but you the YouTuber will benefit from a state of the art drone capable of recording in 4k resolution. Not only that the M600 features dust proof propellers and self cooling motors. The M600 will also live-stream HD footage from a maximum distance of three miles. Its fair to say that the M600 has everything you need to keep your YouTube revenues ticking over. The only catch is that it costs upto and probably beyond $5k… Gulp. Still you gotta do what yeh-gotta do to stay content relevant.  DJI-Pro-M-600-Shooting-Movies
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