To Dip or Not To Plasti Dip A Ford Mustang
His name is Fonzie and he dip-dyes cars for a living that is to say he sells  plasti-dip products. What is plasti-dip? Think of it as a alternative to vinyl wrap cars, both are polymer based products. Whereas vinyl wrap comes in rolls of plastic sheets plasti-dip is a spray on polymer available in multiple colours. So Fonzie of goes through an exhaustive online tutorial about how to plasti-dip your car. The great thing about plasti-dip is that you can simply peel it away if you want to change colours and the original paint surface is unaffected its like a protective sheet of plastic. The bad thing about plasti-dip cars is the amount of time and effort you have to make just to maintain the longevity of the finish and that’s not including the prep work required to plasti-dip the damn thing. In this video Fonzie, ehhhhh!, plasti-dips a black Ford Mustang into a lime green finish. Plasti-dip lasts for about two years and it will cost about £800 GBP.  Plsati-Dip-Ford-Mustang
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