Adverts We Like, Ford Puma ft Steve McQueen
You might be old enough to remember the Ford Puma, good, it was classed as a small sports coupe and made between 1997 – 2001 and was based on the Ford Fiesta platform. It cost between £12-22k and had a series of small car friendly engines ranging from a 1.4-Litre unit and up to a 1.7-Litre  job. You may not know who Steve McQueen is, although you might recognize him from the endless but always watchable TV repeats of the Great Escape movie. Well if you don’t lets just say he was America’s Hollywood golden child, the “King of Cool” between the 1960’s and until his passing in 1980. McQueen was a true petrol head and owned Porsche’s and Jaguars of the day, and planes, and bikes, so its rather strange to see him digitally inserted into the 1997 Ford Puma ad, the footage was taken from his 1968 movie, Bullitt, where he played a hard nosed San Francisco detective chasing down criminals, we’ve heard that story before haven’t we? But its the 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390 that takes star billing and perhaps becomes the most memorable moment of the movie, its sacrilegious too see McQueen in the Puma and most likely he probably would be turning in his Hollywood grave. Still McQueen’s likeness and that even cooler music score byLalo Schifrin does the job of elevating the Puma into coolness if only for the 63 seconds the advert lasts. Watch McQueen in footage from his 1968 movie Bullitt to spot the Ford Puma ad inspiration;
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