Florida Dude Upcycles His Beaten Down 2007 BMW 335i Coupe

Yes, we did use the term “Florida Dude” in the banner headlines, it’s a slow news day folks, but not for roided to the bones YouTuber Danny Z. Danny is the typical millennial who gets a thrill from upcycling a beaten-up car. He bought a 2007 spec BMW 335i Coupe to upcycle, in the car world upcycling is often referred to as “modifying”.

And Danny Z’s 2007 BMW Coupe is in need of desperate modifying. In a previous video, he sets about upgrading the interior starting with the steering wheel, and then makes his way into removing and re-lining the interior headlining.

In this particular video, Danny Z upgrades the interior trim, and gearshift lever and upgrades the analog instrument binnacle to fully digital. Danny Z is an excitable character and everything is a revelation to him.

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