The Rich Kids of Washington - Movlogs
Movlogs Meets The Roided And Loaded Rich Kids of Washington

Popular YouTuber, Movlogs, is visiting America to see how the rich kids of Washington state live. The region is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Oregon to the south, Idaho to the east, and the Canadian province of British Columbia to the north. Washington state was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in 1889. Olympia is the state capital; the state’s largest city is Seattle. Washington is often referred to as Washington state to distinguish it from the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Anyway, enough of the history lesson. Movlogs visits Washington rich kid resident Max Ciccone, who drives a tuned and modified 680bhp Mansory AMG worth $350,000. According to Movlogs Max looks older than 17 years old. What Mo doesn’t understand is that Max is most likely roided-out, know what i’m sayin’?

Anyway, Ciccone is a fortunate beneficiary of being born into a wealthy family. And of course, that affords him the privilege to drive an expensive customized Mercedes AMG… at 17 years of age.

The Rich Kids of Washington - Movlogs
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