Davincij15, the Bitcoin Billionaire, meets Movlogs
Movlogs Meets The Bitcoin Billionaire Who Paid $1 for Bitcoins

The Bitcoin billionaire who paid $1 for Bitcoin 10 years ago is known as Davincij15. Movlogs claims that DavinciJ15 is a billionaire. As usual, Movlogs writes a lot of clickbait headlines to… get more YouTube clicks. Davincij15 appears to be wealthy, but he is no billionaire. The Bitcoin Billionaire doesn’t live the billionaire lifestyle, although his house is worth around $3M the interior design furnishing isn’t finished to a bespoke standard.

Davincij15 doesn’t do flash expensive cars but he does do expensive luxury timepieces, such as owning the obligatory Rolex and Omega. However much Davincij15 is worth, it is clear he has done well for himself.

But the real takeaway from the video is centered around Movlogs, he dyed his hair and beard in peroxide blonde. That is a mental image we can never live with.

Davincij15, the Bitcoin Billionaire, meets Movlogs
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