Urban Street Warrior Tries To Kill His Mitsubishi Evo

If you are rev the hell out of you motor make sure it doesn’t belong to you and always have an escape route planned out beforehand just in case you need to abandon the vehicle and run off on foot if the actual owner turns up unexpectedly.

The owner of the Mitsubishi Evo never “thunk” about this as he plays a tug of war game with his Mitsubishi Evo 7 vs a GTR, which type we have yet to identify. The Evo is an analog car with a digital soul and can be driven to extreme depths if you know what your doing, in many ways its a forerunner to the Nissan GTR.

We don’t know who won this thug of war, it seems even in this clip, but we advise you not to try this at a street near you because its bad for the tyres, clutch and engine.

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