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Did Elon Musk Use His Billions To Silence Michael Moore’s Planet of The Humans?

When Michael Moore critiqued the green energy industry via his documentary, Planet of The Humans, it caused controversy. The documentary was released for free on YouTube and was soon removed for copyright infringements. Environmental activists called out Moore for being too biased and an agent of the fossil fuel industry. We now know that Moore was being targeted by environmental activists who had been bought out by Wall Street, the billion-dollar oil industry and Billionaires.

And it is happening, BP Oil, (who have committed environmental damage after environmental damage while hiding behind a carefully constructed pro-environment image) is one such company buying out environmental activists and groups, effectively silencing criticisms levied at it.

Moore point’s out that, as of now, you can not build windmills, solar panels or electric cars without fossil fuels. Speaking on the YouTube Channel, The Hill, Michael Moore responds to an investigative report by The Grayzone on how and why Planet of The Humans was taken down by YouTube. 

OH, and it’s a four year Pandemic apparently.

Michael Moore Loves Daily Car Blog
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