Malibu Moron Crash - Text And Driving -
Dashcam Captures The Moment Malibu Moron Crashes While Texting

This Malibu moron didn’t start his day so well. We’re not here to preach about the perils of texting and driving. Personally, I don’t do it because I do not have the mental faculty to multi-task let alone text, drive and observe. But those who do text and drive are easy to spot, you often notice them because they end up veering into your lane.

This Malibu Moron driver from jerk water USA, Mailbu to be precise, discovers what can happen when texting and driving. The question is, was the text so important that it had to be answered while driving? No, don’t think so.

Malibu Moron Crash - Text And Driving -
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