This Is The Best Drift Video Tutorial Ever Made

Drift, just how do you do it? If you want to know how to drift then don’t watch Chris Harris, we reckon he is too much of a driving geek and geeks don’t give away their secrets they just talk… and talk… and talk… and talk about cars… with insanity-inducing levels of attention to detail… But one kid from Australia land doesn’t mind sharing the secret art of drifting.

We regard his YouTube clip of how to drift a car as one of the best video demonstrations anywhere on the web, it isn’t shot in HD, it isn’t shot in 60fps, there are no social media vertical marketing channels to worry and it isn’t a detailed explanation its just a straight too the point demo explained in simple terms. And it works.

Pure genius, which is difficult for us to admit because we don’t know many geniuses whom hail from the land down under.

Watch the video and learn, then book a car from Enterprise for a day or so and thrash the hell out it by drifting that manual sucker and never again mention Chris Harris again.

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