Formula one, 2019 rule changes,
Formula 1 2018 Is Over, But The Race For 2019 Has Already Begun
The 2018 Formula 1 season is no more, long live F1 2018 and all hail Formula 1 2019. Although it isn’t 2019 just yet. The first F1 race of 2019 is scheduled for March 17 and as usual, Australia will play host to the opening race of which there will be 21. Abu Dhabi will mark the last race of the 2019 season on Dec 1. New regulations for 2019 are focused on the aerodynamics. The front wing will be wider and simpler. The brake ducts will be reduced in size, resized barge boards and taller and wider rear wings are designed to improve airflow distribution. Doing so will reduce the “wake” the residual air that is left behind. This invisible wall of air makes it difficult for the car behind to follow closely. By simplifying complex aerodynamic parts the new F1 regulations have been developed to promote closer racing.  
 Formula one, 2019 rule changes,
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